5 Strategies For Dealing With Conflict

5 strategies for dealing with conflictConflict in the workplace seems to be a common occurrence these days.

It’s understandable.  After all, different people are going to have different ideas, different beliefs, different needs and different values.  

(and thank god, because wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same?)

And the truth is that conflict can occur in any relationship, not just in the workplace…

SO, it’s not a matter of what to do IF there’s conflict, but rather WHEN there’s conflict.  
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

should i stay or should i go

Should I stay?  Or, Should I go?

That’s what your visitor is asking themselves when they get lost on your site.  

Or when they click on a broken link, or mistype a url, or try to go to a page that has been deleted?

In a way, it’s kind of a make it or break it moment, because your visitor has an option to choose…   

And, your 404 page can make all the difference. 
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I Know Just Enough Code To Be Dangerous

how to create a jump around 

This week’s blog post was going to be a  glossary of terms.

dictionaryI mean, if I have to look up things, then others do too, right?

Well, once I really started to get into the project and compile the list of terms I was going to include, I realized that the job I’d taken on was actually much more than a blog post.   It needed to be it’s own page on the site; a resource page.  
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