True story…
Flash back to 2001 and my hubby and I had been happily married (or so I thought) for about 8 years. We longed for a large family and spent one year on the emotional roller coaster called conception with our 2nd child. Finally, after 12 anxiety-filled months we found out we were pregnant!
That should have been the happiest time of my life. Not to be! The day after we discovered the pregnancy, he dropped a freakin’ bomb on me. He’d been having an affair with another woman for the past 5 months!
Do you think I was a hot mess? Yep!
My vision of myself – happily married, successful real estate agent, competent woman and expecting mother – vaporized in an instant.
Well, all but the “expecting mother” part!
So I knew I didn’t have any time for a pity party. I was faced with having only one source of income and needed to find a way to bring in some serious money – FAST!
Oprah firewalking at Tony Robbins seminar Unleash The Power WithinWhile all this was going on, my mom invited me to a Tony Robbins seminar.
I’d never really been exposed to any sort of personal development and honestly had never before given it any serious thought, but this time, something was different. As broke as I was, I decided to go. And at that seminar – BAM! – the doors to a whole new way of thinking, acting and believing flung wide open for me.
The idea of doing what I was passionate about really shook me up. While I was good – very good – at real estate, it didn’t PULL me. It wasn’t what stirred my juices. And I WANTED my juices good and stirred!!
But what WAS my passion ??? I wasn’t too sure…
So, I whiz-banged my way through every Robbins course and seminar offered looking for my passion.
Eventually, I began volunteering as a coach for the Robbins’ organization. And then I started coaching other individuals informally on the side – working as a strategist to help them grow and expand and build exciting lives. Oooh child! I liked doin’ that! Passion #1 had snapped into place!
My on-going self-discovery process also led me to re-focus on a talent that had been gathering dust – art and design. In college I majored in graphic design and studio arts and always loved painting and creating. So, I started my own graphic design business, building websites, doing logos and such for small businesses. Passion #2 was a-rockin’ and a-rollin’! AND it was bringing in some cash! Who knew I had a future as an on-line entrepreneur?
As I built my design business, and continued to coach individuals, the internet marketing and social media phenomenons began to explode and I was fascinated. As I tend to do (have you noticed?), I dove right in and started studying. I took every course available. I experimented on my own. I began creating internet marketing strategies and social media branding for my clients who were willing to plunge in too.
After about a year of this intense studying, I poked my head up and realized – hey, this is passion #3 and I’m now an expert in this stuff and it’s hot!
So I had these three passions: graphic design, social media and coaching others to phenomenal life breakthroughs. And I’d built a good living around them.
And I noticed I wasn’t alone.
There were lots of other talented, eager young entrepreneurs (maybe you?), aching to build a life and a business to nourish their souls and sustain them financially. And they were flip-flopping and stumbling about, not knowing what to do first, unsure how to use technology, and lacking the confidence in themselves to even take the first step.
Since then, I’ve committed myself to working with these very cool individuals who are passionate about creating and building a business, and who want freedom, flexibility and financial security on their own terms.
I’ve worked with tons of these peeps, helping them build their brands, their websites and their social media platforms. And, most importantly, coaching them to break through whatever in life is holding them back from their passions – the same exact process I’ve been through.
Cause once you discover your passions… You’ve gotta jump on it!
Don’t let someone else sculpt your life for you.
YOU must be the sculptor of your life based on your passions.
I’ve done it and I continue to do it! And it’s freakin’ awesome!