ONE Sentence IS The New Paragraph

keep-it-simpleOne sentence IS the new paragraph.
It’s true; especially in email marketing.
See, if you’re like me, then you’ve willingly subscribed to someone’s list before and (if they’re worth they’re salt) you’ve subsequently received some of their emails.
The Million Dollar Question Is… Do you read them?
And if you’ve subscribed to more than one person’s list – providing you’re reading their emails, that is – after a while, you start to see patterns emerge.

I subscribe to many people…  (to name a few: Marie Forleo, Frank Kern, Pam Hendrickson, & Laura Roeder) and the one thing they all have in common is how they structure their emails (secret:  their emails are abbreviated versions of their blogs.) 
choose your words carefullyWanna know how they do it?
Super Short.
Well Written.
Because, the truth of the matter is that our attention spans have grown increasingly short due to extreme over-stimulation from numerous external stimuli (let alone the internal voices in our heads) and subsequently our ADD brains can’t seem to handle a paragraph, let alone a run-on sentence like the one I’ve just written. 
And there’s no point in blasting emails out to your clients if no one is opening and reading them. 
SO, how do you go about crafting effective emails? 
Here’s an easy 3 step process I use.
1.)  First, I write out and brainstorm my thoughts; a free form brain dump.  Initially, for me…  anything and everything goes down on paper or gets typed up…
2.)  Next, I ask: What’s missing?  What’s redundant?  What’s unclear?  I re-organize and re-write.  (Think in terms of action-oriented short bursts of information.)
3.)  Lastly, I take what I’ve written and whittle it down to the clearest, most concise possible version.  (Needless to say, always proof anything you write.)
Sometimes #3 take a bit of time and effort, but I usually find that each time I re-write, I’m able to clarify, as well as simplify my message.
How about you?  Got any specific strategies you use for communicating clearly and effectively to your audience? 

Please share your methods in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from ya!

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