How To Avoid “Chineck” And Other Video Blunders

"Chineck"Lights… Camera… Action!
Oh Wait! Does this coffee cup make my butt look big?
Can you see my “chineck”?
My guess is that if I’ve experienced a little angst over making one of these videos, then chances are, others have too…
So, let’s suspend any self-judgement you may have
(you can come back to it later, if you want).
Making a video (LIKE THIS ONE) can be Easy!
So, exactly what does it take to make one of these videos?
I get asked this all the time.
This week, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes…
I’ll tell you exactly what equipment I use, how I edit the videos and as I special treat, I interview Amey Nicoll about being on both sides of the camera.
The tips and tricks she shares are good and juicy, yes?…

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