How Coaching Works

How coaching works-title
Check out this great video I found on “How Coaching Works”.

I’ve put together a list of Questions & Answers that people commonly have about coaching.
Below, you will find some insight as to how coaching works and how we might work together to grow your business and make the changes your want in your life.
Some of your questions may include the following:
Is coaching therapy?
No, coaching is not therapy. While both are very valuable in moving you past roadblocks in life, their approaches differ in many ways. Coaching is about taking you from where you are now and moving you forward. Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place. Additionally, there are some clients who benefit from working with both professionals concurrently. Finally, and foremost, coaches do not diagnose or treat any psychiatric disorders.
So, what is coaching?
In short, it