New Changes To Facebook Fan Pages…

Just before the year turned, Facebook released their new profile design and the other day, they released their new design for pages.
At this point you can opt-in or not opt-in; however, come March 1st conversion will be mandatory, so… you might as well jump on the bandwagon…
So, what do these changes mean to you and for your business?
The first bit of good news is that the navigation links have moved to the left under the profile picture. This follows the changes Facebook had previously made to your profile, so now all of your pages will be in a logical, familiar location for your user.
WATCH: The similarities will in all likeliness result in more business pages as people use this tool as a way to create a separation between their personal and professional lives. You

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  • Janine Partington April 16, 2011  

    Good. It’s the same here in Australia. Can be remarkably frustrating, but that’s how it is on Planet Earth.

  • Kathy Marshall April 19, 2011  

    Great information,…I have much to learn on the social media front….sure hope your “Too Much Monday Not Enough Coffee” question & answer video blog touches on this subject.