The Only THREE Things Your Website Needs To Do

Ever spend a ton of time on a project, only to find out you were going down the wrong path? Well, I have! And it was my website!
You see, two years ago – when I first decided to make my big career change –
I threw up and website and went to town dumping all of my ideas into it.
I had gone off on a design tangent… Who I was and what I did had become lost amidst too many fonts and various graphics.
And, then I got smart! And I got clear… about the THREE THINGS my website needs to do.
Watch this video below as I explain what the THREE THINGS are, so you don’t waste time floundering around like I did.
So, what tools do you use so that your business runs on autopilot?
Leave a comment below and please share what’s invaluable to you in your business.

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