WordPress, Schmerdpress…

By The End Of This Video Series, You’ll Be Navigating Your Way Around WordPress Like A Pro!
In this video series, you’ll learn…
  • The difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org, the advantages & disadvantages, and which ones you need.
  • How to create not only a WordPress blog, but also your own WordPress website from scratch.
  • Which settings need tweaking and how to make the most out of your blog.
  • How to create pages, sidebars & navigation menus.
  • How to add an email list opt-in box to any part of your website and how to craft your opt-in so that you’re not just collecting your clients information, but really converting your website visitors into a clients.
  • My list of TopTen WordPress themes.
  • The best widgets to use and wich ones are too distracting.
  • An easy way to add a squeeze page to your WordPress site.
  • How to integrate online payment right on your website without any kind of monthly fee shopping cart.